Terminal, Facility, and Station Pipes Inspection

Terminal and facility pipes are typically not set up for traditional inline inspection (ILI). They generally do not have launchers and receivers, they do not have sufficient flow characteristics, and they have many elbows. As a result, many of these pipes have never been “pigged” previously. The work space is often tight as there are typically multiple pipes running side by side or within close proximity.

Pipetel Has Been Inspecting Terminal and Facility Pipes Since 2015

With years of experience behind us, you can trust that we have the expertise to handle the inspection of your terminal, facility, and station pipes.

Unlike inline inspection for natural gas pipelines; terminal, facility, and station pipes must be drained of product and cleaned prior to inspection. Once this is completed, Pipetel’s EXPLORER iLi robots can venture inside these pipes and provide the same high quality, highly accurate data that our clients have come to expect.

EXPLORER iLi Navigates Even the Most Challenging Pipeline Features

Our EXPLORER iLi robots are ideal for inspecting pipes that have never before received an inline inspection. Uniquely suited to inspecting pipes at terminals, facilities, and stations; EXPLORER iLi robots have the ability to navigate elbows and vertical pipes, can enter through an opening without the need for launchers or receivers, and do not require flow in the pipe for inspection.

The Benefits of Using EXPLORER iLi Robots for the Inspection of These Pipes Include:

  • Definitive data on the integrity of the pipes generated from proven sensing technologies.
  • The inspection of every millimeter of pipe for 360 degrees of the circumference.
  • Any signs of internal and/or external corrosion will be detected by high resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) sensors.
  • Any third party damages such as dents will be detected by laser deformation sensors.
  • The on board video camera also records a complete visual inspection of the pipe interior.

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