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This is body copy and text. Data is our central deliverable. Data you can understand. Data you can use.

H2 – Data You Can Rely Upon

Data that paints an accurate picture of your pipelines and the integrity of your assets.

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More than ensuring industry and legal compliance, the data we provide our customers allows them to make smart, informed decisions about their assets: do they have issues, how severe are they, how should they get prioritized for repair and maintenance.

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When you have accurate, reliable data, all questions are easily answered.
Our EXPLORER series of robots are self-propelled, tetherless, smart machines that collect high-accuracy, multi-point data with consistent reliability. Free from speed excursions and bi-directional, we extract the maximum amount of data with minimal to zero loss of data integrity.

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EXPLORER’s sensors can identify pipeline topography and provide data across a multitude

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Conventional ILI Explorer Robotic ILI Qualitative Comparison
MFL sensor saturation Identical Identical =
Cicumferrentail Resolution of MFL sensor Identical Identical =
Axial sample rate Identical Identical (steady 4 inch/s) Explorere ILI
Speed related degredation Possible Controlled and steady speed Explorere ILI
Circumferential Resolution of deformation sensor Limited by spacing of mechanical sensor Continuous Explorere ILI
Redundant dataset Rerun required Often built-in Explorere ILI
Supported by visual No Always Explorere ILI