September 2015

Pipetel’s fleet of Explorer robots have been inspecting unpiggable pipelines since 2010 and they have proven to detect, locate and measure common pipeline threats including:

  • corrosion
  • manufacturing flaws
  • dents, and
  • mechanical damages

These Explorer robot inspections have also been successful in identifying construction features and providing additional pipeline information that are valuable to operators. This information helps operators verify and complete their records to better understand the configuration and construction of their pipelines.

Some of these features include:

  • seam type
  • wall thickness
  • stencil on inside of pipe
  • mitered bends
  • angle of elbows and mitered bends
  • distance between elbows
  • mechanical couplings
  • chill rings
  • taps
  • reducers, and
  • valves

Pipetel delivers the experience and technology to help pipeline operators know their pipelines like never before.

Example of a dent as seen by the camera and Laser Deformation Sensor (LDS) from an Explorer robot

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