Real-time Analytics ensures quality data collection on-site.

Our ability to provide our customers with high-accuracy data lies at the intersection of our multi-point data collection and the experienced analysts who manage the data: from collection to interpretation.

From start to finish we are in control of collection and analysis which ensures our customers get the highest quality data with little risk of data gaps or inaccuracy. Once our robot is in the pipe, EXPLORER iLi begins transmitting live video and data to both the Pipetel and pipeline operators for the duration of the inspection. In real-time, all the key stakeholders have an initial view of the pipeline and can see its general state and condition.

Immediately after a section of pipe is inspected, a Pipetel data analyst remotely views the incoming data, examining the feed for gaps or errors. This preview ensures that the inspection is collecting the right data with as the highest accuracy as possible. If the analyst sees ambiguities or gaps in the data, they can instruct the EXPLORER iLi operator who is on-site, to re-examine part or all the pipe while the robot is still in the ground. Because EXPLORER iLi is self-propelled and bi-directional, collecting additional data is easily achieved.

Data-rich, Comprehensive Reporting

The superiority of Pipetel reporting is well-known. We provide detailed, written analysis of our clients’ pipelines, complete with supporting data and imagery, that enables effective, informed asset decision-making. At the end of the day, the data and analysis is everything.

Advanced Software for Advanced Robots

When you’re deploying advanced robotics with multi-point sensor data, you need leading edge software to make sense of it all.

Pipetel has developed proprietary software tools to help facilitate thorough review and analysis of EXPLORERS data sets. Our software synchronizes all the visual and digital data points into a seamless end-to-end journey into the inspected pipe. The data can be played in real-time or scrubbed to review specific sections of pipe, giving our analysts – and ultimately our customers – a comprehensive, holistic view of their pipeline assets.

Realtime video acquired when inspecting unpiggable gas pipelines by Pipetel’s EXPLORER iLi

Video images play an important role by allowing pipeline operators to see inside their pipes, expanding on the MFL sensor data that provides information on metal loss.