November 2013


Pipetel has been inspecting unpiggable pipelines for nearly 4 years and recently had the opportunity to carry out a milestone inspection, which was completed last week.

Our Explorer 10/14 inspected 2.7 miles of 10 and 12 inch dual diameter gas pipeline under live conditions and without reduced gas flow. At one point the Explorer 10/14 was in the pipeline for 36 hours so it was important to keep delivering gas to customers downstream.

The batteries in the Explorer 10/14 were charged multiple times by Pipetel’s proprietary inline charging technology eliminating costly removal of the robot from the pipeline to replace the batteries.

Only a single Stopple fitting was installed on the 12 inch segment for launching the Explorer 10/14. An existing valve on the 10 inch segment was used to receive the Explorer 10/14, again reducing capital costs.

The results – we were able to acquire high resolution MFL and video data from 2.7 miles of this dual diameter pipeline.

Pipetel continually delivers to meet our customers’ needs, even under the most varied conditions, to help manage pipeline assets by providing accurate data for realistic maintenance programs.

Stats Summary:

  • high resolution MFL and video data were acquired
  • dual 10 and 12 inch diameter pipelines inspected
  • only one Stopple fitting was required and installed
  • 14,380 feet/2.7 miles inspected
  • the batteries on the Explorer 10/14 were charged multiple times while in the pipeline

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