Why hydrotest when you can use EXPLORER iLi?

With EXPLORER iLi you don’t have to compromise your data.

For many operators, challenging pipelines means deploying a simplified assessment methodology and accepting minimal data in return.

For those choosing hydrotesting, only an isolated portion of your pipeline is assessed and all you get is a pass or fail. If you are on a multi-year assessment cycle, this means there’s a lot you don’t know for a long time about your pipeline’s integrity.

The benefits of EXPLORER iLi compared to hydrotest.

The EXPLORER iLi is among one of the world’s most advanced inline inspection robots. Fully articulated, self-propelled, bi-directional, and tetherless, our fleet enables visual and non-destructive inspection of live pipelines, providing multipoint data regardless of the difficulty of the location or complexity of the pipeline.

Sample of external corrosion threats found by the MFL sensor on Explorer iLi that  most likely went unnoticed by a hydrotest.

With EXPLORER iLi, you no longer need to choose inferior methodologies to get the data you need:

  • Single entry and exit point; if you have existing fittings on your pipes from the previous assessment cycle, an EXPLORER iLi can be deployed without the added capital expenditure or the need to install new fittings
  • Comprehensive data collection – much more information and knowledge on the conditions of your pipe relative to hydrotest
  • Multipoint data collection including laser deformation, MFL, and video capture
  • Environmentally-friendly; no contaminated or hazardous waste water to dispose
  • Pipeline can remain in operation with no service disruption
  • Superior, comprehensive results make iLi EXPLORER a more efficient and economical choice than hydrotest

Are you considering a hydrotest? Let’s talk.

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When it comes to the inspection of your company’s pipelines, challenging infrastructure often forces tough choices. Compromising the quality of your inspection data shouldn’t be one of them.

As a small-footprint alternative to conventional inspection technologies, our iLi advanced robots provide multipoint data that is superior to data collected by traditional means. Now you can know the health of your pipeline with a higher degree of certainty and with minimum impact on the operations of your pipeline.

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Getting High-quality Data Regardless of the Pipe-type

The robotic pipeline inspection method has become more widely used in the last decade, especially in the assessment and evaluation of natural gas and liquid product pipelines. Significant advances in robotics coupled with the relative ease of implementation of inline inspection, have led this development.

But how good is the data compared to alternative methods?

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