September 2015

Pipetel’s fleet of Explorer robots have been inspecting unpiggable pipelines since 2010 and they have proven to detect, locate and measure common pipeline threats including:

  • corrosion
  • manufacturing flaws
  • dents, and
  • mechanical damages

These Explorer robot inspections have also been successful in identifying construction features and providing additional pipeline information that are valuable to operators. This information helps operators verify and complete their records to better understand the configuration and construction of their pipelines.
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April 2015 (2)

Pipetel has been inspecting 8 inch gas transmission pipelines since 2010 that were previously unpiggable due to operational and configuration limitations.

Now our Explorer 8 is equipped with:

  • high resolution MFL sensors for measuring metal loss
  • Laser Deformation sensors for measuring deformations including dents and ovality
  • high resolution cameras for visual inspection

Similar to other Explorer robots in our fleet. Explorer 8 inpsects unpiggable pipelines with no interruption to the gas service as it is tetherless and self-propelled.
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April 2015

Pipetel inspects 6 to 36 inch natural gas pipelines that are unpiggable by free-swimming, inline inspection tools and that are tightly integrated with other urban infrastructure.

  • no interruption of gas services during inspection
  • Pipetel inspects 6 to 36 inch diameter unpiggable pipelines
  • high resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Sensors measure metal loss
  • Laser Deformation Sensors measure deformations including dent and ovality
  • high resolution cameras for detailed visual inspection
  • detailed actionable customized reporting

Going to the UPSF or AGA Operations Conference in May?

Pipetel is exhibiting and co-presenting at both events.
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January 2015


Pipetel is introducing the Explorer 16/18 robot to inspect 16 and 18 inch diameter pipelines in 2015, to expand its range of Explorer robots. The Explorer 16/18 is the last remaining size in the Explorer fleet for inspecting unpiggable pipelines from 6 to 36 inches in diameter.

“This is our latest robot and incorporates years of experience from inspecting unpiggable pipelines, to offer the most advanced and reliable fleet of robots,” says Paul Laursen, President of Pipetel Technologies.
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June 2014

Pipetel Technologies has released a comprehensive video of an unpiggable natural gas pipeline inspection. This video is an excellent documentation of an inspection as well as a first hand visual chronicle of a Pipetel inspection from start to finish.


The inspection was of a pipeline segment that was previously unpiggable. The pipeline operator needed to assess the integrity of the pipelines and had not been able to obtain this information in the past. The video also demonstrates some of the features that are available on the Explorer robots such as Inline Charging technology that eliminates the step of removing the robot from the pipe to recharge its batteries and the Laser Deformation Sensor that measures the dimensions of dents.
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February 2014

Pipetel Technologies has introduced a new, innovative technology to its range of Explorer robots that will measure the size of dents in unpiggable natural gas pipelines.

Available initially on the 20 inch to 36 inch Explorer robots, this laser based sensor will now allow Pipetel to not only pinpoint the location of the dent but also its exact measurements. This is important as the information, along with our metal loss inspection data, will allow the pipeline operator to decide if the dent requires immediate attention.

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January 2014

Pipetel Technologies has recently inspected a section of Southwest Gas Corporation’s (Southwest’s) 6 inch natural gas pipeline in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Southwest serves aproximately 1.9 million customers in Arizona , Nevada and California. Southwest has been successful due to its philosophy of excellence in the communities it serves, which is why they are committed to a strict pipeline integrity program, that delivers gas safely to their customers.
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December 2013


As 2013 winds down, Pipetel is closing in on its fourth anniversary. When we first opened our doors we knew we had a technology that would revolutionize unpiggable pipeline inspection services. With the support of many industry institutions and a select customer base, our goal was to quickly become the leader in unpiggable gas pipeline inspections.

In the past year we have:

  • grown our customer base by almost 100% over the previous year
  • increased our explorer robot inspections in unpiggable pipelines by 50%
  • introduced our 3rd robot, the explorer 20/26 to inspect 20 to 26 inch pipelines
  • started using our proprietary inline charging technology to extend the length of pipeline inspected

With unprecedented growth, this leadership position has been well earned by helping to improve safety and protecting pipeline assets through continually introducing innovative technology and exceeding our customers service expectations.
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November 2013


Pipetel has been inspecting unpiggable pipelines for nearly 4 years and recently had the opportunity to carry out a milestone inspection, which was completed last week.

Our Explorer 10/14 inspected 2.7 miles of 10 and 12 inch dual diameter gas pipeline under live conditions and without reduced gas flow. At one point the Explorer 10/14 was in the pipeline for 36 hours so it was important to keep delivering gas to customers downstream.
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August 2013

Pipetel is celebrating its third anniversary inspecting unpiggable gas pipelines. The company’s growth has been due to its commitment to providing a high level of service and a dedication to developing leading edge inspection technology.

Here are some interesting facts that have contributed to Pipetel’s growth as the leader in unpiggable pipeline inspection services:

  • Pipetel now offers 5 robot models that will inspect 6 to 36 inch ungiggable pipelines
  • the inspection range for these robots has grown from approximately 1,000 feet to 5,000 feet without recharging
  • the graph below shows the inspection distance of each robot
  • Explorer robots have inline recharging capabilities to extend their range until the required distance is inspected
  • all robots have RFEC or high resolution MFL metal loss sensing
  • these robots have front and rear high resolution video to support the inspection data
  • Explorer robots can inspect pipelines without turning off the gas service in high, low or no flow situations

Integrity, capability and experienced people make Pipetel the company more and more pipeline operators are turning to for the inspection of their unpiggable or difficult location pipelines.
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June 2013

Pipetel’s revolutionary technology provides accurate and reliable data for unpiggable pipelines. Video and metal loss data are detailed in a report for the development of realistic pipeline maintenance programs.

Video images play an important role by allowing pipeline operators to see inside their pipes, expanding on the MFL sensor data that provides information on metal loss.

The picture below shows a dent from an actual pipeline inspection. It is an example of the detailed and accurate data available from Pipetel’s Explorer robots. For more visuals from pipeline inspections, click on the image below to view the video.

More and more pipeline operators are turning to Pipetel to inspect their unpiggable pipelines because of the many advantages offered by our range of services such as:
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May 2013

Pipetel is excited to introduce its proprietary Inline Charging technology that infinitely extends the range of our Explorer robotic inline inspection services.

This Inline Charging technology allows Pipetel’s Explorer robots to inspect unpiggable pipelines until the batteries need charging. The operator positions Explorer under a 2 inch fitting where Pipetel’s inline charging technology is deployed to recharge the robot. Once the robot is fully charged, it continues to inspect the pipeline until its batteries need recharging again – with no interruption to the gas service. This inline charging process is repeated until the entire pipeline is inspected.

Watch for our upcoming Newsletters for more information on additional Pipetel services or see us at the two exhibitions listed below.
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January 2013

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp has become one of the first utilities in the nation to deploy the Explorer, a pipeline inspection robot, as a versatile, cost-effect, highly accurate tool that can examine lines otherwise unreachable by conventional inspection devices. Designed to function like a model train using drive and monitoring modules, Explorer is inserted into live lines with the aid of a launch chamber to inspect for anomalies in pipe walls so that utilities can proactively gain information on pipeline conditions and address potential problems early on. Outfitted with fish-eye lens cameras, lights and an array of sensors, Explorer can identify, size, and pinpoint dents, metal loss and other anomalies.

Central Hudson, a natural gas and electric utility based in Poughkeepsie, N.Y, worked closely with NYSEARCH, the research and development sub-organization of the Northeast Gas Association, together with other natural gas utilities to design, develop and test a self propelled, wireless robot to inspect natural gas pipelines from the inside.
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December 2012

2012 has been another exciting year for Pipetel. Our unpiggable inspection service has grown steadily over the past year. We have enjoyed working with different pipeline operators across North America with various unpiggable challenges from mitered bends and vertical pipeline segments to hard to access locations such as under a river or urban infrastructure.

We started inspecting 10 and 12 inch unpiggable pipelines with our Explorer 10/14 in 2012. This new service complements our 6 and 8 inch inspections, allowing us to provide a more comprehensive service offering that has been very well received. If you’re considering this important service for the new year please book early.

Give us a call today at 1-855-PIPETEL (747-3835) or go to:

The new year will be very exciting for Pipetel as we plan to announce new developments that will continually expand our service. Watch our web site or visit our booth at the Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum, May 15 to 18 in Houston and the AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition, May 21 in Orlando.
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December 2011

As the year comes to a close, Pipetel would like to thank the industry associations and our growing number of customers for their support in 2011.

Our relationship with NYSEARCH and the Northeast Gas Association continues to grow as they support our increasing efforts to expand this unique unpiggable technology for our industry.

It has been a very successful year with outstanding enthusiasm for our expanding family of robots. We have had significant interest from a wide range of gas pipeline operators and have completed a number of inspection projects.

Early next year we will be launching more innovative and relevant technologies for unpiggable technologies.
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August 2011

Pipetel Technologies will be presenting its proprietary technology for unpiggable pipelines at the Western Regional Gas Conference August 23/24, 2011 in Tempe Arizona.

This is a must see presentation if you have anything to do with Integrity Management for your organization. Finally there is a reliable solution to inspect unpiggable pipelines that delivers relevant data that will allow natural gas pipeline operators to implement a proactive integrity management and maintenance program.

Rod Lee, General Manager of Pipetel Technologies will be presenting: “Integrity Management – Using the Explorer Robot for Smaller Diameter Unpiggable Pipelines”. Pipetel has commercialized this technology in conjunction with NYSEARCH and Mr. Lee will be available to answer any questions.
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August 2011 (2)

Pipetel Technologies has inspected 2.5 miles of pipeline operated by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) using a self-propelled robot in place of conventional internal inspection tools sometimes referred to as “smart pigs.” The stretch of pipeline had been deemed “unpiggable,” due to lack of flow needed to push the inspection tool through the pipeline.

As part of SoCalGas’ pipeline integrity management program, Pipetel was contracted to inspect a previously unpiggable pipeline and to provide the inspection results using their customized Datatel analysis software.

Pipetel inspected an eight-inch diameter pipeline with Pipetel’s Explorer 6/8 robotic inspection technology without shutting down the pipeline or disrupting service to customers. The Explorer 6/8 is a self-propelled and bi-directional robot. Conventional tools were not an option since the pipeline did not have sufficient flow to propel these tools. A cased segment of this pipeline, underneath a railway track, was also inspected.
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June 2011

Pipetel Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce the Explorer 10/14, a new unpiggable robot that will inspect 10, 12 and 14 inch natural gas pipelines.

“The industry response to the original Explorer 6/8 has been so positive that the development of the 10/14 has been accelerated to expand our range of inspection robots. In fact we are so enthusiastic that we have moved up the Explorer 20/26 development and we are now working on a Caliper and Dent robot,” commented Rod Lee, General Manager of Pipetel Technologies Inc.

The Explorer 10/14 works on the same principle as the 6/8, as an untethered, modular, remotely controllable, self-powered robot for the visual and non-destructive testing of natural gas pipelines.
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April 2011

Pipetel Technologies Inc. will be exhibiting at the American Gas Association Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition, May 24/25, at booth # 324. If you are attending the conference, this is your chance to find out what the industry buzz is all about for this proprietary new unpiggable pipeline technology.

Pipetel in conjunction with NYSEARCH, has commercialized this technology to offer an essential service that will inspect unpiggable pipelines and deliver relevant and reliable data that will allow natural gas utilities and distribution companies to implement a proactive pipeline integrity management and maintenance program.

This service is performed by Pipetel’s proprietary robot, the Explorer 6/8. The Explorer 6/8 is an untethered, modular, remotely controllable, self-powered robot that inspects pipeleines without any interruption to local gas services.
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