June 2011

Pipetel Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce the Explorer 10/14, a new unpiggable robot that will inspect 10, 12 and 14 inch natural gas pipelines.

“The industry response to the original Explorer 6/8 has been so positive that the development of the 10/14 has been accelerated to expand our range of inspection robots. In fact we are so enthusiastic that we have moved up the Explorer 20/26 development and we are now working on a Caliper and Dent robot,” commented Rod Lee, General Manager of Pipetel Technologies Inc.

The Explorer 10/14 works on the same principle as the 6/8, as an untethered, modular, remotely controllable, self-powered robot for the visual and non-destructive testing of natural gas pipelines.

The Explorer 10/14 offers visual and state-of- the art MFL sensors options with the number of sensors ranging from 120, 144 or 168.

The minimum diameter is 7.5 inches with a maximum pressure of 750 psig that will inspect a pipe wall thickness to 0.45 inches. The unpiggable specifications include vertical segments, mitered bends and tees. For complete application specifications go to www. pipetelone.com/technology.

Video imagery and integrity data acquired by the Explorer 10/14 robot is analyzed by Pipetel’s experienced team of analysts, using exclusive proprietary software. The preliminary and final report details the findings and integrity condition of the pipeline form the deliverables. The reporting structure is customized to comply with the specific reporting requirements of the Pipeline Operator.

As the gas industry sees a greater focus on safety, Pipetel will be there with a range of proprietary robots that will assist pipeline operators in improving safety and reliability by protecting pipeline assets.

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