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Getting High-quality Data Regardless of the Pipe-type

The robotic pipeline inspection method has become more widely used in the last decade, especially in the assessment and evaluation of natural gas and liquid product pipelines. Significant advances in robotics coupled with the relative ease of implementation of inline inspection, have led this development.

But how good is the data compared to alternative methods?

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SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Data Quality of Robotic Pipeline Inspection Methods

With Rod Lee, Pipetel Technologies and Paul Monsour, Sempra Energy

At the end of the day, the data is all that matters:

  • how much data was gathered;
  • how comprehensive was the collection;
  • how confident are the stakeholders in the data integrity;
  • how thorough and conclusive is the analysis

Join Pipetel and Sempra and find out how inline inspection data compares to conventional methods across many, common, field scenarios:

  • Internal and external corrosions
  • Corrosion along long seam welds
  • Dents and corrosions interacting with dents
  • Seamless pipes and cased pipes
  • Changes in wall thickness
  • Chill rings, couplings, and elbows
  • Repair patches and sleeves
  • Unbarred tees and other hot tap fittings
  • Liquid and debris pools

Comprehensive Data Collection from Robotic Inline Inspection

Discover how the Pipetel iLi EXPLORER delivers comprehensive data sets from any pipeline in the most difficult places, providing engineers with a holistic view of the status and condition of their assets.