January 2016

The Explorer 16/18 has recently inspected a long, difficult pipeline under a roadway for a pipeline operator. The Explorer 16/18 was chosen for this project due to its versatility making it the ideal inline inspection tool for natural gas pipelines with: limited or no flow, short radius or mitered bends, valves, back-to-back bends, and pipelines that cannot be inspected by conventional inline inspection tools or other assessment methods.

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Pipetel’s Explorer 16/18 robot inspects natural gas pipelines 16 and 18 inches in diameter and is part of the Explorer fleet of robots providing operators with superior knowledge on the integrity conditions of their pipelines. The Explorer 16/18, as do all the robots in the Explorer fleet, provides metal loss, deformation and video data, all in the same inspection, so that operators can make informed decisions for maintaining safe operations of their pipeline assets.

Operators continue to deliver natural gas to their customers during inspection as Pipetel’s robotic inspections do not interrupt gas services. Since 2010, operators have continued to utilize Explorer robots to detect, locate and measure pipeline threats and to identify construction features to help operators verify and complete their records.

To learn more about the Explorer 16/18, visit our website for a video demonstration: http://www.pipetelone.com/pipetel-videos/

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