February 2017

In the last Pipetel newsletter, we shared an article written by PSE&G, on their use of our Explorer robot to inspect some of their pipelines that were in difficult locations (see previous story in this News section). More and more pipeline operators are choosing Pipetel to inspect their pipelines due to the Explorer robot’s ability to inspect pipelines in difficult landscapes and their ability to acquire accurate and reliable data.

Pipetel gets chosen more and more to provide unpiggable pipeline inspections for complex and unpiggable pipelines located in challenging landscapes such as river crossings, environmentally sensitive swamps, railroad tracks, roads or highways and urban settings. Some of these inspections are several miles long and the Explorer robots are recharged several times while still in the pipe. These inspections are carried out without shutting down the gas service.

The Explorer robots use proven, sensing technology to provide reliable data sets to protect pipeline assets. Pipetel’s Explorer robots acquire data from high resolution MFL Sensors that provide accurate detection and sizing of metal loss anomalies; Laser Deformation Sensors that measure the size of dents; as well as high resolution cameras that supply visual data front and rear.

In addition, Pipetel’s knowledgeable and experienced staff listen and communicate responsively, delivering unpiggable solutions to specifically support our customers’ needs.

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