February 2016

A Pipetel ‘Big Data’ article was featured in the MaRS Cleantech News. Also there was an interview with founder and president Paul Laursen who discussed the biggest challenge in building Pipetel and the importance of listening to customers. See link below for full story:


Featured article synopsis:

Pipetel’s Big Data Contribution is Helping to Change the Natural Gas Resource Sector

Big data is helping to provide significant benefits to the natural gas sector. Previously natural gas pipeline operators had difficulty obtaining large amounts of data on the integrity of their pipelines, especially in unpiggable pipelines.

The challenge has been to not only collect the large data sets but also to analyze, search and share the relevant information to extract the value from the data.

Pipetel has been inspection unpiggable pipelines since 2010 using innovative robotic inspection system to acquire a diverse selection of data sets. Pipetel Explorer robots utilize magnetic flux leakage sensors (MFL), laser deformation sensors (LDS), and backed up by high resolution cameras for detailed visual inspection.

Once the pipeline data is acquired, Pipetel’s proprietary software translates the large data sets into meaningful, accurate and reliable information that is customized to each operator’s structure requirements. A preliminary report is followed up with a detailed report on the findings and integrity condition of the pipeline.

Pipetel’s ability to acquire and extract value from the large amount of data leads to more confident decision making and greater operating efficiency to reduce costs and pipeline threats.

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