February 2014

Pipetel Technologies has introduced a new, innovative technology to its range of Explorer robots that will measure the size of dents in unpiggable natural gas pipelines.

Available initially on the 20 inch to 36 inch Explorer robots, this laser based sensor will now allow Pipetel to not only pinpoint the location of the dent but also its exact measurements. This is important as the information, along with our metal loss inspection data, will allow the pipeline operator to decide if the dent requires immediate attention.

Explorer’s magnetic flux leakage (MFL) sensors inspect for metal loss while additional sensors provide data on dent and mechanical damage. All robots provide high resolution video from cameras mounted on both ends of the robots for added inspection data.

This new Laser Deformation Sensor means that Pipetel can now advise clients on metal loss, dents, ovality and a combination of metal loss and dent anomalies. This data provides a more complete picture for the pipeline operator to make strategic decisions to implement a proactive pipeline integrity management and maintenance program.


See Pipetel at AGA Operations Conference May 20-24, Pittsburg PA


Scott Lundgren of Northwest Natural and Rod Lee of Pipetel will be presenting “Assessing Integrity of Unpiggable Natural Gas Pipelines with a Robotic Inline Inspection System.”
Thursday May 22/14 at 4:30 PM

Conference Link: CLICK HERE

Program Link: CLICK HERE

Here is what will be discussed:
Beginning in 2013, NW Natural began using robotic inline inspection systems to inspect some of its critical transmission pipeline assets. This presentation discusses the results from inspecting a 1.2 mile section of 10 inch pipeline located in Portland, Oregon that was inspected by Pipetel’s Explorer 10/14 robotic inline inspection system.

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