Choosing Pipetel Couldn’t Be Easier

November 1, 2015

Introducing the New Pipetel Website.

Making it easier to understand why we’re your best choice.

When you look at Pipetel you may think our primary value is EXPLORER iLi our innovative fleet of inline inspection robots. And you’d be partly right

“Ask any one of our customers and they’ll tell you: it’s not the robots, it’s the data.”

Our EXPLORER iLi robots – with their articulated construction and multi-point sensor arrays – are the tools that enable us to get what you need most: high-accuracy data from the most challenging pipelines; going where most other robots cannot go.

More than ensuring industry and legal compliance, the data we provide our customers allows them to make smart, informed decisions about their assets.

Without Pipetel and EXPLORER iLi, pipeline engineers would be forced to choose conventional technologies and compromise their data collection.

Pipetel offers high-accuracy, multi-point data without compromise.

To showcase our lasting value and to highlight our suite of services, we’ve refreshed our website to bring greater focus, not only to our innovative robots but also to the data and analytics that your operations rely upon.

  • Advanced EXPLORER iLi Robotics
  • High-Accuracy Data
  • End-to-End Project Management
  • Real-time Analytics

Use-cases make choosing Pipetel even easier.

New to our website you will find a USE-CASES section, an area dedicated to helping prospects and customers understand the inspection scenarios and pipeline challenges where Pipetel EXPLORER iLi truly excels.

We also bring focus to INVODANE R&D INCUBATOR, our in-house R&D lab that continues to push the boundaries of engineering and provides us with the means for continuous improvement.

Take a look around.

Please take a moment and visit our new website.  Let us show you how Pipetel is your best choice when it comes to the inspection of challenging pipeline. And next time you face a challenging situation, give us a call.