August 2013

Pipetel is celebrating its third anniversary inspecting unpiggable gas pipelines. The company’s growth has been due to its commitment to providing a high level of service and a dedication to developing leading edge inspection technology.

Here are some interesting facts that have contributed to Pipetel’s growth as the leader in unpiggable pipeline inspection services:

  • Pipetel now offers 5 robot models that will inspect 6 to 36 inch ungiggable pipelines
  • the inspection range for these robots has grown from approximately 1,000 feet to 5,000 feet without recharging
  • the graph below shows the inspection distance of each robot
  • Explorer robots have inline recharging capabilities to extend their range until the required distance is inspected
  • all robots have RFEC or high resolution MFL metal loss sensing
  • these robots have front and rear high resolution video to support the inspection data
  • Explorer robots can inspect pipelines without turning off the gas service in high, low or no flow situations

Integrity, capability and experienced people make Pipetel the company more and more pipeline operators are turning to for the inspection of their unpiggable or difficult location pipelines.

Pipetel’s Inline Charging Technology infinitely extends the range of Explorer robots


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