August 2011

Pipetel Technologies will be presenting its proprietary technology for unpiggable pipelines at the Western Regional Gas Conference August 23/24, 2011 in Tempe Arizona.

This is a must see presentation if you have anything to do with Integrity Management for your organization. Finally there is a reliable solution to inspect unpiggable pipelines that delivers relevant data that will allow natural gas pipeline operators to implement a proactive integrity management and maintenance program.

Rod Lee, General Manager of Pipetel Technologies will be presenting: “Integrity Management – Using the Explorer Robot for Smaller Diameter Unpiggable Pipelines”. Pipetel has commercialized this technology in conjunction with NYSEARCH and Mr. Lee will be available to answer any questions.

Pipetel has a range of robots that will inspect 6 to 36 inch pipelines, but this presentation will focus on the Explorer 6/8, for smaller diameter pipelines. The Explorer 6/8 is an untethered, modular, remotely controllable, self-powered robot that inspect pipelines without any interruption to gas service.

Several gas utility companies have successfully utilized this service in live pipelines. Pipetel uses its proprietary Datatel analysis software, along with its experienced team of analysts to provide data that is customized to comply with specific reporting characteristics of individual pipeline operators.

About Pipetel Technologies Inc.
Pipetel Technologies has been set up to commercialize the NYSEARCH proprietary robotic platforms that deliver relevant and reliable data inspecting unpiggable pipelines. The company services pipeline operators in the US and Canada and has offices in Buffalo NY and Toronto ON.

For more information or to book a consultation call us toll free at 1-855-747-3835.