April 2015

Pipetel inspects 6 to 36 inch natural gas pipelines that are unpiggable by free-swimming, inline inspection tools and that are tightly integrated with other urban infrastructure.

  • no interruption of gas services during inspection
  • Pipetel inspects 6 to 36 inch diameter unpiggable pipelines
  • high resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Sensors measure metal loss
  • Laser Deformation Sensors measure deformations including dent and ovality
  • high resolution cameras for detailed visual inspection
  • detailed actionable customized reporting

Going to the UPSF or AGA Operations Conference in May?

Pipetel is exhibiting and co-presenting at both events.

Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum – May 12th – 13th in Houston, Texas


Tuesday May 12th – 11:40am
“Experience with Robotic Internal Inspection of Gas Pipelines”

See Pipetel at Booth 21

AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition – May 19th – 22nd in Dallas, Texas


Wednesday May 20th – 4:45pm
“Completing the Impossible: Assessing a Casing with a Pipeline Inspection Robot”

Thursday May 21st – 1:00pm
“Applying Non-Traditional ILI Technology to Challenging Pipeline Segments for Transmission Integrity Management”

See Pipetel at Booth 837

For more information or to book a consultation call us toll free at 1-855-747-3835.