Don’t Lower Your Expectations When Faced with Difficult Inspection Scenarios

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We’re Pipetel and we are setting the standard for robotic inline inspection of challenging pipelines.

With proven technologies, innovative engineering, and superior problem-solving and analytical capabilities – we provide our clients with comprehensive, multipoint data with quality that is often superior to what can be collected using conventional methodologies; has higher integrity; and costs that are comparable. Now, in difficult scenarios, you can have the data you want without comprise.

We Are the Leader in Advanced-technology Robotic Inline Inspection Services for Challenging Pipelines.

We are the only company with EXPLORER iLi inspection robots — the most technologically-advanced robotic iLi fleet in the world. Highly-specialized, fully-articulated, and self-propelled, EXPLORER iLi’s multi-point sensor arrays provide a wealth of diagnostic data regardless of the difficulty or the circumstances of the inspection. EXPLORER iLi provides pipeline operators with accurate and relevant information on the state of their pipelines which helps them develop more efficient and reliable maintenance programs.

Why Pipetel?


    • Conventionally “unpiggable”
    • No flow, low flow
    • No launcher or receiver


    • Urban and congested areas
    • Industrial, “live” environments
    • Service cannot be interrupted


    • Multi-point data collection
    • Simultaneous collection
    • High-accuracy collection


    • Entrance/egress flexibility
    • Minimal excavation requirements
    • No need to dispose of waste water
Eight Years of Comprehensive Experience
Shortest inspection: 60′
Highest vertical drop: 30′
Lowest pipeline pressure: 0 PSI
400+ successful inspections
Longest project: 8.5 miles
Longest river crossing: 1,200′
Highest pipeline pressure: 750 PSI

Our ground-breaking technology is the result of a research and development program led by Northeast Gas Association/NYSEARCH, refined by our own InvoDane Engineering, a firm which continues to act as our R&D incubator today.

  • Advanced robotic engineering means we can provide high-accuracy data regardless of the difficulty of the inspection scenario that is comparable to, if not better than, traditional methods
  • Comparable cost to conventional methodologies
  • Minimal operational footprint means low-operational impact; in most cases your pipes can remain in operation
  • Multipoint data collection, a synchronized live video feed, hi-res MFL data, and laser-assisted dent detection allow our analysts to find and validate inspection results in a variety of ways
  • Custom-designed engineering solutions for unique pipeline inspection scenarios through InvoDane, our R&D incubator, means we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to pipeline inspection

Since our inception, we have come to set the standard for robotic inline inspection services, providing superior knowledge and actionable insights enabling our customers to maintain safe operations and effectively preserve and protect their most valuable assets.

We acknowledge the co-funding of our funders including NYSEARCH, United States Department of Transportation PHMSA, and Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

This product or portions thereof is manufactured under license from Carnegie Mellon University, U.S. Patent Number 6,917,176.

Pipetel Technologies and InvoDane Engineering Receive Support from the Canadian Government

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is a federally-funded organization working to bring economically viable, clean technologies to market.

SDTC provided funding to support Enbridge and NYSEARCH in the development of a commercially-viable robotic pipeline tool. That tool eventually became EXPLORER iLi.

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