Robotic Pipeline Inspection: More Than Technology

At Pipetel, we consider inline pipeline inspection to be about more than technology. There are numerous other factors involved in the inspection of a pipeline and ensuring its integrity.

For us, pipeline inspection means the complete delivery of inline inspection services with end-to-end project management.

Our Track Record Consistently Shows That We Follow Through

With Pipetel, you can be rest assured that you can trust our word. From our leadership to the front line, we are always honest and transparent with our customers. Our history of consistently meeting deadlines is also a point of pride for us. From showing up on time to delivering our reports on time – our customers can rely on Pipetel to stay on schedule.

The backbone of Pipetel is its people. We are committed to work above and beyond to satisfy our customers and deliver exceptional service.

Get Answers Easily and Efficiently

You can also take comfort in the fact that most of our project managers, sales staff, and operations personnel are either engineers or have an engineering background. This means that we fully understand the technical nature of pipeline integrity management and we can effectively and efficiently answer your technical questions.

When you call Pipetel with a question, you will most likely reach an engineer who understands the importance of your technical needs.

That’s how we set the standard for an exceptional customer experience in pipeline inspection: we refuse to compromise your time or your technical requirements.

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