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Pipeline inspection without compromise.

Advanced EXPLORER iLi Robotics Technology Makes Every Pipeline Accessible

All iLi service companies are NOT created equal.
Only Pipetel has EXPLORER iLi a state-of-the-art fleet
of advanced inspection robots designed to tackle
the most difficult pipelines no matter where
they are found.

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High-Accuracy Data Provides the Most Comprehensive View of Your Assets

Robotics is only half our story: comprehensive data collection
and the assurance of data integrity is a core value that our
customers have come to trust. We save you time and money knowing that once we’re out of the ground, the data we’ve collected is sufficient and accurate enough to provide you
with comprehensive analysis without a return inspection.

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Real-time Analytics Ensure Quality Data Collection On Site

To further support our data accuracy, we have analysts
on-line during inspections who verify the quantity and quality
of data before we come out of the ground. This provides
our customers with the confidence that their inspection
has been conducted thoroughly and effectively
without concern for a later re-inspection.

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End-to-end Project Management Means Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is at our core.
We have effective end-to-end project management and
real-time status communications designed to keep our customers
connected, informed, and, ultimately, completely satisfied
with our service.

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InvoDane R&D Incubator Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve

InvoDane is a leading developer and innovator of engineering solutions. Instrumental to the development of EXPLORER iLi, InvoDane continues to serve as our R&D incubator, helping us stay on the cutting-edge of robotic inline inspection technology and advances.

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